Book Title
3-sentence summary (one from beginning, one from middle, one from end)
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Last Straw
in the begining of te last sraw greg has a problem whee he wants to sleep all the time and his dad always wakes him up hrough out the book he and rally try to make money by making there own lawn moing buissness and take fake pictures of bodys with mussal ad put there heads on.

mody dick
in the book moby dick there is a man who loves to sail but he cant be a passenger n the beginning he goes to a hoteland meets a strang man en he goes sailing with a crew and sees moby dick the walebut nt catch hime and at the end he finally catches mody dick him self.

Diary of a Whipy kid-cabem fever
In caben fever a big part of the story is that greg does not want his uncle rick to get married for the third time. Because it will be at grammies house and gramme always gives THE TALK and the last person to get it was rodrick and next in line is greg.

Diary of a Whimpy kid-the ugly truth
In the ugly truth greg and roulwy are not friends because of what happend in the previouse book [witch im reading now] so rouwlys parents hire a guy named bryan to hang out with him insted of greg,then the next day its a differant guy and rowly doen't even know and he dosen't know that he is hired.

Shoot For The Hoop
shoot for he hoop is a book about a teen named rusty that likes to play basketball. During one of his practices he suddenly blacks out . He wakes up in the hospital and is informed that he has diabeeties an this makes rustys dream of becoming and professinal basketball player very hard. He is forced to watch untill laterhe gets to gt back in the game and play.



this book is about a kid named brian and he is going to his dadshouse and his plane crashes.He has to face he wilderness and all that comeswith it.He has to face his own challenges and face them with a hatchet.In the book he thinks he is going to get saved but not till the end.

Rules is about a girl named catherine and she has a brother that has a mental dissorder.Thoughout the book she has to face dificalt things with david and she has a book of rules for him.Then she got a naboughior and she really wants to be her friend and she finds out that she has a brother with a disorder too where he cant talk.Catherin decides to help hime and she writes words in a book for him and he point at the words that he wants to say.

Batman The Beginning
Batman is the samething as the moive but in a book form.He has to go through and fight crimes plus sole misterys of hommisides.In the begging there is a woman throwing up everywhere and a crim had just happend the batman goes in to investagate the crime a finugr out who was the killer.

nerds is about a kid who was a football player and he has to get braces and he gets called a nerd and kicked off the team.he finds other kids that have differant skills and including his skills.They form a spy type group with all the 'nerds'.In the group they all have a part to do.

fish is about a boy who is a mail man type kid and he is send far away and his important package gets stolen.Then he has to go on a pirate ship to get it back but he ends up having to stay on the ship.They call him fish because he is a good swimmer and he becomes part of the crew cleaning ect.A crew member falls off and fish jumps off and saves him but then he turns and pulls a sword on him.

tony hawk on the half pipe
this book is about tony hawk and how he became a skater.It also tells the history of the skateboard like how they stated with a box and roller skating wheels on the bottom and then moved to the penny board type and then to the skateboard.